So it has officially begun.  We started the Restoration of the 1947 Cadillac Series 60 Fleetwood today July 23, 2016.  I received the ’47 as a gift from my mentor Alex Leveque of the Automotive Mentoring Group back in March of 2016. Over the last few months I have gone back and forth over what exactly we would do with it.  Will we restore it to a concourse worthy original car, will we chop it up and make it a fully customized car, or would we put a big block 350 and manual transmission in it and make it a hot rod!  So many options and a car that is really in the perfect condition for any of them.  What did I decide?  Well I am not ready to reveal that just yet but I will say this much there is no way I could afford to do a full concourse restoration soooo….that’s out!

As far as what we did on day 1…So I have decided that we should try to keep the original flathead V8 engine, if it can be restored.  When I received the car the heads had been removed and not recently unfortunately.  However oil had been periodically been poured onto the pistons and it supposedly ran before the heads were removed.  Also the speedometer has less the 50k miles on it, so we are going to have the engine dipped and checked for cracks in the block, if all is good we plan to rebuild it and use the original engine and transmission, which also will need to be gone through of course.  With all that in mind the engine needs to be pulled ASAP.  So we started with the radiator.

Here it a close up of the radiator, it’s rather large.

Something tells me that the top bolt is not the original

The radiator came out rather easily, which was a nice surprise.  there was no fluid in it at all and honestly I am not sure if that is good or bad, please let me know if you have an opinion on that.  But I will say that I am worried about all the rust that is inside the inlet and outlet tube and in the hoses.  There is a good chance there are cracks in the block, but we will see.  Since the radiator came out so easily we went ahead and removed the rest of the front end.  Most of what we removed will be sand blasted and repainted, we will stick to a satin black for most of it.  The top of the radiator is brass and I am considering having the black paint removed and then polished to a nice finish instead of painting it black, opinions??  So that is where we left it today and will be picking it up there in the morning!  Tune in for more then.

All the parts we removed on day 1, most will be sanded and repainted satin black

So here is where we left her after day 1