OK my favorite car to drive is my 1965 Ford Fairlane 500 2-Door Sedan.  To be fair only 2 of my classics are actually drivable.  But still it is so much fun to drive.  It is an all original car, including engine, transmission, paint and interior, with only 79, 000 miles on it.  It only had a little over 76,000 when I got it, like I said I like to drive it.  It has the original 289 motor and  in my eyes unfortunately has the original 2 barrel carburetor.  The transmission is the solid C4 trans and I just had it rebuilt so it should have plenty of new life.  One of the best parts is that it has the original Champagne Beige factory paint.  It has plenty of “patina”, ok so the paint is not perfect, but no rust and it looks great. 

I love the lines on this car so many that seem to all be straight angle but not very many straight lines there

All the trim and badges are still on it, the only thing missing is the hood ornament for some reason

I know I said no rust, but yeah I mean no rust!!  I know people say that all the time, but there really is no rust on this car.  So the interior is not perfect either, but it’s so cool, it’s a time capsule.  It’s all there, except one little knob from the heater control that I am really trying to fine a replacement for.  Almost everything works too!  The AM single speaker in the dash radio still works and is a blast to listen to the Cubs games on!  I will sometimes go for a ride to do just that.   The heat works.  It’s not like I drive it in the winter, but on a cool night it is sometimes nice to put it on.  It does have the dealer installed under the dash air conditioning, however the previous owner had removed the compressor and some of the hoses in the hopes to increase the horse power.  As far as I know though it really does not add very much and considering that he said it worked before he removed it, I say that was a serious mistake!  I do plan to have it reinstalled soon and convert it to R-134a.

Here you can see all new bushings and power steering hoses and more

All new shocks, coil springs and brake hoses

The only modifications done to it so far are the suspension has been redone, all new springs and shocks and more, and the exhaust has been done with Thrush dual exhaust and man does it sound great!  I have picked up a new high performance intake and a 4 barrel carburetor recently and plan to put it in over the winter.  I will of course keep the original so it can be put back on if so desired.  I am also considering lowering the stance a few inches, but again it is something that can be reversed if i decide to later.  Other than that I plan to keep it pretty much original and just drive the crap out of it!  I am actually using it as my everyday car(except winter) to go to work and school. 

I did some research online and believe it or not they only made 16,092 – 1965 Ford Fairlane 500’s 2-door sedans with a V8 engine!  I am trying to see if I can break it down even further and find out exactly how many they made with my exact details, who know with the air conditioning and specific paint taken into consideration it could be much, much rarer.  If I manage to figure it out I will post more info.   

The all original instrument panel and under dash air conditioning 

All original interior believe it or not 51 years old and only 1 pea size hole in the seat and original carpets