My 1950 Plymouth is a 4 door Special Deluxe.  She’s named the “Blue Bomb”.  It has it’s original Straight 6 motor and the original 3 speed manual transmission with a column shifter also known as “Three on the Tree”.  It also happens to be loaded with all the options available in 1950 except a clock!  I’m actually looking for a functioning one BTW.  So it has turn signals, a radio(does not work…for now), and a reverse light.  It has been restored to pretty much original except for the color anyway.  Which by the way, is a beautiful shade of blue.  The interior is almost flawless and still has the original wood grain paint job on the dash and the windowsills.


Pin stripping I had done at Motoblot 2016

Interior that has been re-done in period material

The seat and door panels have been redone in period materials even all the wiring is the period cloth covered type and may be the original wiring!  All the chrome and bright work on the exterior is in excellent shape and is all original, there is of course some pitting but it is not on every piece.  It is an older restoration and unfortunately I can’t take credit for it, I really wish I could but I actually got her this way.  One fun fact is it may have been a one owner car before I bought her,  When it was delivered I found the original Service Certificate.  It’s dated from September 1950 and shows that it was sold in the same town I bought it in, Staunton Il.  I hope to someday prove that.  I have had her since 2014 and really have not done much to it, except add a trailer hitch, Why you ask?  Well we used it once in a parade and needed to tow a small float, but that is another story….


Original wood-grain dashboard

One of my favorite pictures of the Plymouth