Author: Greg

“Pepper” the Peddle Car

Here is the car as we received it before modification Here is another view of the car pre-modification “Pepper” the pedal car was the Automotive Mentoring Group’s entry into the 2016 World of Wheels Pedal Car Challenge.  I was the lead and designer of this peddle car and I am very proud of it.  The amount of time the other students and I put into this project was well worth it.  The bonus was we got to spend the morning viewing the show with no crowds before it opened to the public later that afternoon.  But enough about that,...

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Facts About My Cadillac

OK so I still can’t believe it, but I actually own a 1947 Cadillac Series 60 Fleetwood Special.  It is truly an awesome car, big bold and beautiful, even though it is in need of a full restoration I can see the beauty in every curve and detail.   So here is the fun part of the story, it was a gift to me from my mentor and friend Alex Levesque of the Automotive Mentoring Group in appreciation for all that I had done for the AMG over the previous two years.  It is one of the most amazing gifts that I have ever...

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Facts About My Plymouth

My 1950 Plymouth is a 4 door Special Deluxe.  She’s named the “Blue Bomb”.  It has it’s original Straight 6 motor and the original 3 speed manual transmission with a column shifter also known as “Three on the Tree”.  It also happens to be loaded with all the options available in 1950 except a clock!  I’m actually looking for a functioning one BTW.  So it has turn signals, a radio(does not work…for now), and a reverse light.  It has been restored to pretty much original except for the color anyway.  Which by the way, is a beautiful shade of...

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