Greg Alonzo

Welder and Fabricator

This is My Story

My Name is Gregory Alonzo and I am a Welder/Fabricator/Mentor/Student/Apprentice/Small Business Owner and many, many other things.  But my real passion is Classic and Antique Cars!

I was born and raised and still live in Chicago Illinois, a fact that I am very proud of.

Since July of 2014 I have been in an apprenticeship at the Automotive Mentoring Group (AMG) learning how to restore antique/classic cars.  I have ben learning everything from welding and fabricating to body work and painting.  I have discovered a hidden talent in myself with welding and metal fabrication.  In less than 2 years I have developed fabrication skills that earned me the ability to learn and grow my skills in many different ways.   The main way I do is through the  AMG, they are a 501C3 Charity that mentors inner city youth here in Chicago, many kids that have been in trouble with the law and gangs.  I am now a mentor, and I spend 2 days a week there assisting them in whatever way I can.  I am also finding new ways to branch out into the car world and make a name for myself that I can in turn help the AMG in more ways than just helping with the work load.

One way is I have returned to school and I am attending Morton College in Cicero Illinois.  I am a part time student going through their Automotive program.  As of the end of the summer semester 2016, I will be receiving my Light Maintenance and Repair Certificate and only one class from my next certificate.  I am also so far maintaining a 4.0 GPA after 6 classes!

My newest adventure is I am now looking for some part time work in my new field of expertise!  I will be starting a part time job, rather a trial test for a part time job with a low rider shop in Bedford Park called Mando’s Customs.  I am confident that it will lead to regular part time work.

Please check my website out regularly updates on my projects, achievements, and progress as I grow my new skills and dive head first into the world of cars!


Hi Greg!