The ’76 Monte Carlo is not a special car by any means, unless it was your first new car and you are the original owner.  That is how we ended up with the 1976 Monte Carlo at the Automotive Mentoring Group.  It was completely smashed on the passenger side, from the front of the Fender all the way to the “B” pillar.  The interior was in bad shape and the floors and the trunk were rusted through in several places.  The quarter panels on both sides were rusted all along the bottoms and well most of the metal needed to be replaced.  But it ran!  The owner said that a number of garages passed on the job, but we took it, I mean if anything it will make good practice.

Both Doors were totally gone and probably will need to be replaced

The Floors on both sides near the fire wall were gone

Seriously this car should have gone to the crusher years ago, but the sentimental attachment to a car can be a powerful one.  So with no promises we told the owner, a Chicago Firefighter, we will see what we can do.  So we started to begin with a basic dismantling of the interior to see what the condition of the floors was and surprise the floors in the front were pretty much rusted all the way out.  We then started to remove the paint to see what kind of body filler nightmare we would be working with because of the previous body damage to the passenger side.  Of course it was as bad as we thought, there was as much as an 1/2 inch of filler in some places!!  I mean who does that, get a metal guy!!  Ok so clearly it was either going to be a real challenge or it was going to cost way more in new parts than the car is worth to restore.  The decision was made to start the metal work so come back to read more on the progress of the restoration.

Quarter panels were toast! Look at the filler toward the back

Believe it or not this was the good “B” pillar the other was crushed